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Jennifer initially found yoga 12 years ago when she was struggling with back pain and looking for a way to strengthen her core.  After only a short time, she found amazing results and her back pain disappeared.  Later, she realized the mental/emotional benefits of regular yoga when she pulled through a difficult life transition with remarkable strength.  With that realization, came a strong desire to learn more about mindfulness, meditation and the philosophy of yoga.  In 2019 she had the opportunity to go through yoga teacher training at Hive Hot Yoga and upon completion, had the desire to share yoga with others.  This coincided well with space that came available through the 2019 purchase of the Sage Center.  Jennifer particularly enjoys focusing on breath and the simplicity of the poses, while also diving deeper into her own practice with deeper, more  challenging poses. Outside of yoga she loves children, music, the outdoors and sharing community with others. 

The light within me honors the light within you! 



Cory first encountered yoga as part of a comprehensive fitness program. Initially he focused on yoga for the physical benefits of strength and flexibility.  Over time, he also realized the profound mental benefit he also received from yoga.  Cory enjoys doing yoga especially in new outdoor spaces when he's out traveling or exploring.  Combining the outdoors with a mental and physical workout. He wants to share these gifts he found from yoga he decided to enroll in YTT at the Yoga Farm / Radiant Living Academy and completed his training in June 2020. 


 Taura L. Nelson was introduced to yoga in her early twenties.  After many injuries and surgeries due to triathlons and extreme sports, she found a desire to explore the benefits of yoga and connect Mind, Body and Soul at a deeper level.  She also connects with people through her career as a cosmetologist and hobby as a musician.  She has been inspired to share this yogi lifestyle as she continues to gain more knowledge of it.  She invites you to join her in her practice as she leads you through gentle yoga classes and other yoga variations.  She is 200 RYT certified and registered with Yoga Alliance.

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